Blank No More party

Cool to start the blog with some nice pictures – and as a bonus I don’t have to write so much! I went to the new printhouse, Blank No More’s exhibition launch party on Thursday at The Social with a friend covering the event for Who’s Jack, who also introduced me to the Minus IQ boys who had lovely co-ordinated outfits. Some great pieces, including Love Won’t Die below by Eskimopush which was my fave:


Eskimopush is an interesting mouse-loving guy, and I’m looking forward to seeing his logo for September’s Who’s Jack event – The Shoreditch Shuffle.

Not many other write ups, other than Levi Freeman’s post about annoying fellow guest Kate Nash by nicking her table too quickly as she was leaving – always hard to perfect the bar etiquette of the near-table-hover.  I don’t really know my way round the art/design site community, but there’s some ace sites. I discovered the fab Green Eyes below by Baxter Orr on Feed Your Wall after spotting their mention of Blank No More earlier in the month.


Lots of gorgeous stuff on both sites, well worth a look. Have a cool bank holiday people, I’m off to The End this eve, mates choice of music, but I’m up for a dance!


One thought on “Blank No More party

  1. Just returning from Newcastle, I must admit that the London tube drinking fiasco resembles grandma’s tea and scone party in comparison to the northeastern lethal passion for booze. I’ve seen it all and it wasn’t pretty. The £3 outfits didn’t help.

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