Party on the tube

I’m not sure if last night was a masterstroke of PR for Boris or not. Ending drinking on the tube at 12pm on a Saturday night payday weekend at the start of summer, doesn’t on reflection seem like the slickest bit of planning. The party that ensued might have made us look like naughty kids who do need booze banned on the tube, but it’s a bit of a risky way to prove a point!

We thought we’d check it out on our way to Soho, and got to Liverpool Street just as they were clearing the station. It was all pretty fun and street-partyish on the pavements, although we quickly realised the police were quite forcibly moving people out. I wasn’t really aware of it until I saw this video this morning, but there was some messy behaviour going on inside the station – it’s a bit long, we got there about 7 minutes in.

(Messytechie’s got a load of videos from inside the station)

Having said that, everyone we saw outside seemed to be having fun, the atmosphere was friendly and we walked to Bank and enjoyed a last tube-beer on our way to Soho anyway.

As a negative, I don’t think it’s done ‘Binge drink Britain’ any favours – looking at posts like these from Feral Strumpet Teatime this morning, or some of the quotes here on the BBC – I’m sure the world won’t be suprised to see more pissed up Brits. And the whole Facebook-flash mob movement, which has been pretty fun and good natured until now, has probably been tarnished with speculation that  ‘The dark side of the flash mob’ has emerged. 

This is a bit more like it, but you can see why it got out of hand…

As a pretty anti-Boris house we were mostly just amused, but my housemates had some interesting thoughts, especially as one of them has been involved with direct action before for Climate Camp, and thought pretty substantial police behaviour was being used. And as usual, thought of the night from Caz who pointed out that taking away our rights to booze on public transport, is apparently what will ultimately mobilise young people into political action on the streets!

I’m looking forward to seeing what Annie thinks!


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