Can You Gig It?: The Getaways @ Dublin Castle, London 30.5.08


I reviewed my friends, The Getaways, gig last Friday for the excellent My Chemical Toilet. See below…

– How did you rate the venue?

Excellent, love a bit of the Dublin Castle and it was warm enough to be outside when we fancied it too. The gig room at the back’s properly dark and even though they were first on at 8.30, it’s got tonnes of atmosphere.

– What were the crowd like?

Well-behaved! A mixture of regulars and the straight-from-the-office Friday evening crowd. The Getaways were the first act on at 8.30 so we were all on good behaviour.

– Bar – rip-off or value for money?

Good cheap bar prices….mmmm…cider.

– Venue staff – nice or nasty?

Lovely, very chilled. Though the hand stamp for the gig area covered the whole of your hand! I think the hand-stamping man was enjoying his ability to hand-stain-for-the-rest-of-the-weekend power a bit too much!

– Toilets – swilling with piss, or spick and span?

Not dirty at all, but more of the former in atmosphere!

– Highlight / lowlight of show?

Probably afterwards when the lead singer insisted I refer to him as Cilla Black when I wrote this up…I’m hoping he’ll remember why!

– Any other comments?

Excellent, just a great Friday night pub gig, good guitar band stuff – AND they looked like they were having a really fun time which always makes it twice as good.

Check out The Getaways’ MySpace for more info and gigs – next one in Hoxton on June 11th.


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