Eating out of the bins in Hackney!

Ok, not really, but I did have a freeganism experience at the weekend that proved too much for me! My (slightly eco-warriory) flatmates took a break from our housemoving day to have lunch, and they got out a load of lovely EAT sandwiches. But I just couldn’t bring myself to eat mine – and it wasnt just the hangover – but because they got them out of the bins the night before!

Now I hate waste and love recycling. My family always have, me and my friend Jess are superfans (she has a T-shirt and everything!), and I also love the freecycle movement and have mates very into that too. I do like the idea of freeganism, but I just couldn’t eat the chicken sandwich when I knew it was from the bin. Is that weird? Would other people be up for eating that – not because you were desperate for food, but out of a choice to avoid waste? It ended up going in the bin anyway, and I went to big-bad Tesco!

Anyway, I’m now moved to Hackney today for three weeks, right by the Empire, before back to my new flat on lovely Brick Lane!


2 thoughts on “Eating out of the bins in Hackney!

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