Champagne at the Hilton – a step up from the bins!

I went to the Windows Bar at the Park Lane Hilton last night after The Marketing Society Annual Awards – all a little bit too party for a Monday eve! The night time views over London were fab and it reminded me of two very different bars we used to go to In Shanghai when I was travelling in China in 2001 (eek I’m old!).

The first was Windows Too, a super cheap and cheerful pre-club, or mid-week bar that was totally our local – I’m pleased to see it still getting some love. It was massively student like really, but the pre-uni me didn’t spot that!

I’m pleased to say the Park Lane Hilton, was a lot more reminiscent of the truly-fabulous Cloud 9 bar in the Grand Hyatt Shanghai. We went there on one of our last nights in the city and it was unbelieveable – the 87th floor of a gorgeous hotel. After three months travelling, even glammed up, we didn’t quite look right but it was ace. I just remember the free magician who came to the table, the amazing view and the general sense of having a Pretty Woman moment!

Good fun last night though, even if it does feel wrong to be suffering this much on a Tuesday – and without a door key at present, my housemates LOVED me at 2am when I got back to glamorous Hackney…

View from the Cloud 9 bar, Shanghai Grand Hyatt


2 thoughts on “Champagne at the Hilton – a step up from the bins!

  1. Ah, Shanghai. Walking back from clubs at 6am whilst the old people were getting on with their T’ai Chi…those were the days.


  2. Yup, and the walking backwards! Coming home from nights out in London is so not as entertaining!

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