Geek out

Just some geekery…

1. This is cool, via Vice, Tuborg are auditioning for a festival blogger to report back on their behalf with from some of the big UK festivals. You get a complete festival kit and some nice ‘blogger/press backstage perks. This is a great idea and fab bit of online PR, I’m sure it’s going to do well, and the partnership with Vice is perfect – Vice is still pretty much the only junk mail I ever open and it’s always worth it.

2. For those of you who don’t realise I am an uber-geek these days you can check out my post on Shiny Red, where I wrote up my attendance at the PR Newswire Director of Emerging Media event. Catchy title huh! I normally do better than that!

3. And even if you don’t get twitter – it’s like bouncing Facebook statuses back at people – mine’s here, and normally about Redbull and toast and things. But anyway, I saw twistori  on 77, and it’s just pretty, you can pick an emotion and just watch it scroll up – ahh. It’s all the people over the world telling you wht they love right now…Random twistori \'i loves\'


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