Why albums used to matter

Just saw this video over on Andrew Dubber’s blog. Mostly I just like it because the presenter is cool – Hip Hop guy Jay Smooth and it’s a great three minute online video. But having watched the music biz for the last year for We7, he’s also talking some sense. I remember back in the day how exciting it was getting the latest Pulp cassette – but it’s not really like that anymore is it! The ‘event’ moment – or ‘party if you’re Jay – has moved from the music shop release date, to the online leak.

(Total pain to embed from Current TV though!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Cool music vid“, posted with vodpod

2 thoughts on “Why albums used to matter

  1. Thanks for the embed. Sorry to hear you had trouble with it. WordPress hosted blogs tend to have trouble with embeds, but self-hosted WordPress works fine.

    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Online Community Team

  2. Hey Mario

    Thanks for stopping by – very impressive customer service 🙂

    It’s probably my un-geekery that let me down. The good people of twitter helped me find a plug in

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