The two types of shoes

This is going to be my girliest, least-ranty feminist post ever, (I’ve um’d and ah’d about posting it) but here we go…

Having done some shoe shopping last week at the AMAZING Office sale shop that’s just opened dangerously close to my office. And then having finally seen Sex and The City at the weekend with Lottie – also AMAZING. “I got to thinking” in a Carrie stylee, that at women’s worst moments there are two types of shoes (and most fashion for that matter):

Ones that we think will make other girls think we’re cool

Ones that we think will makes boys fancy us

Terrible I know. But sometimes, especially in Carrie Brashaw’s world fashion is bought for those two reasons. That’s the explanation for those items girls buy that their boyfriends never get anyway.
That’s out of my system now, I can go back to being a geek girl.

(As a girl I can’t find the shop on a map – it’s a bit magic and secret, it might disappear soon. But it’s just up Tottenham Court Road about a minutes walk from the tube)


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