I have friends and family at Glastonbury this year, so I’m taking a keener interest in usual in the festival. Just checked out my friend James Whatley’s Glastonblog, looks like he’s having lots of fun, and my 18 year old sister is working at the festival so I’m hoping she’s behaving!

I’m also looking forward to the verdicts from Popjunkie, but in the meantime, there’s not enough video about for my liking! There’s some good stuff on the BBC and a few interviews on YouTube – but I really want to see the sets!

I heard some of Kings of Leon on the radio this morning which sounded ace, you can see it here. I saw KOL at the fabulous Pukkelpop last year and was very pleasantly surprised, they’re a really great festival band – Caleb’s voice sounds epic and they look the part.

I love digging around on YouTube for live gig clips, so it’s annoying that there’s not many up yet – we’ll have to wait until the fans get home! As I couldn’t embed the BBC one – here’s Pulp with the awesome Pink Glove from 1995 – now that’s the Glasto I wish I’d been at…


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