Lowering the tone

Thought I should maybe bring the level down a bit from the heady TechCrunch-BBC-Shiny threesome (geeky-sex) of Monday to talk about my favourite video at the moment.

The 80slicious Mystery Jets “Two Doors Down”. I heart this as the kids say.

However, this is 80’s light compared to the below. Which I’m posting mainly because it might be the only way to exorcise it from my head where it’s been rattling around all day! A kinda blog-exorcism.

Anyway, it’s a genuine slice of 80s cheese and a TOTP classic in “Feels Live I’m in Love” – look how much fun she’s having! Ah, they don’t make them like than anymore.

(To my amusement this post inspired Lewis into a cheese-fest – he was just born in the 80s.)


5 thoughts on “Lowering the tone

  1. It’s brilliant, my brother and sister who are much cooler than me are in love with the album. I will get it in a year or something when it’s not cool anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

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