Tiara Diamond & the Burlesque & Cabaret Meet Up

I went to see my fabulous friend Tiara Diamond‘s burlesque act for the first time last week, and she was indeed fabulous! It was at the Burlesque and Cabaret Meet Ups, which have been my introduction to the world of burlesque and are such good fun. (They’re a bit like the Blogger Meet Ups I go to, but a bit more glam!)

There’s always such a variety of acts as well as the burlesque, this time including opera and spoken word, whereas last time it was tap dancing and drag-legend Ruby Venezuela – so you never know what you’re going to get!

Apart from Tiara Diamond I really enjoyed the opera from Nara Taylor, just because I don’t really see it on a Thursday in Brick Lane that often, and I don’t think it was normal, formal opera – although I’m no expert, but it was great. The spoken word was cool too – from the excellent host Sophia Blackwell who was an ace compere, and also one other act, who’s name I don’t have! Check out Sophia’s MySpace here, I like ‘Things I’m not afraid of’ complete with reference to Tesco Value Gin!

Anyway, Whatleydude and I had a great time, being slightly less glam, on the sofas with our pints – I’m already looking forward to the next one!

Tiara Diamond…

PS. The Ruby Venezuela link is to Peter Stringfellow’s blog which is my fave internet find of the day. I’m impressed, he’s been blogging since 2004 and to my great entertainment, David Cameron’s the top post at the moment, hee hee!


3 thoughts on “Tiara Diamond & the Burlesque & Cabaret Meet Up

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the compliments and the link- really appreciate it. Tiara was fab and I am still coveting her dresses! Good use of Peggy Lee!

    If you’d like to see me shouting my mouth off again I’m at Soho Revue Bar on this Friday. Not burlesque, despite the venue, but a mix of music and spoken word- and it should be pretty glam too.

    Sophia xx

  2. Pleasure Sophia, thanks for stopping by! I’ve got birthday plans for Friday, but Tiara and I will try and make a show soon, and I’ve no doubt it will be glam! x

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