Mighty Boosh Festival

I was lucky enough to sneak into the Mighty Boosh Festival on Saturday with the Who’s Jack girls, who I’m helping out with on their Shoreditch Shuffle blog – our post here.

We had an ace day, enjoying the sun, cider, celeb and fancy-dress spotting. We saw Jarvis wander by, spoke to Sadie Frost’s kids, discussed what size bowl Tim Burgess uses on his hair, marvelled at cool girls like Alison Mosshart and wussed out of interviews, haha.

I watched some of the show with my old uni mates, so me and my Jarvophile friend Perry got to enjoy the Jarvis & Albert Cocker DJ set (plus another random child). Gary Numan and The Charlatans scored highly with the visiting and instantly sunburned Prestonites. Peaches sang Hopelessly Devoted To You for the Boosh, and interrupted the Boosh set to ensure our uni fave Fuck The Pain Away was performed correctly – ace. Having not seen Har Mar Superstar before I get it more now and the bit of the Boosh set I saw looked good – though I’d have rathered they were telling jokes! The Har Mar – Bob Fossil dance off gets my gold star.

The aforementioned Perry also got trendspotted by asos.com which made her day, seeing as she used to mainly wear a parka stuffed with emergency rollies and crisp packets at uni and has since become a girl.

All in all a good day, despite the disastorous five hour journey home – Paddock Wood’s train station is not the best place to kill a few hours.

Classic Milky Joe Boosh below for ya…


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