Shoreditch Shuffle tickets on sale

The tickets are on sale for the fabulous Shoreditch Shuffle festival, who’s blog I’m helping out on. So go buy them and come play in East London with me in September! C’mon, Daisy Lowe thinks it’s cool, how’s that for a wanky London namedrop?! And you can stay on my sofa – all of you! It should be a really good event, though, lots of fun stuff shaping up and cool people involved – like the newly added headliners, and friends of Agyness Deyn 5 o’Clock heroes as features in Metro today.

May as well add to it that my friend with the best name ever, is taking me to Mews of Mayfair (see below) tonight and has gone for public schoolboy theme dress which I can’t wait to see. Bring on the weekend fun.


2 thoughts on “Shoreditch Shuffle tickets on sale

  1. ooo, I love Mews (the ‘of Mayfair’ part makes it sound like a brothel though). Perfect proximity to Selfridges too if you like that sort of thing 😉

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