Ctrl Art Del – Free Range Summer Shows

Seeing that the London Festival of Architecture is ending just as I notice it, reminded me of another event that’s about to end – think I need to get better at spotting these when they start! Anyway, the Free Range shows around Brick Lane have been catching my eye since I moved here and I’ve popped into a few of them.

They’re an annual showing of graduate art and design from colleges around the country, which it’s been cool to wander through while shopping where they’re dotted about the Truman Brewery.  

Having a look round I spotted MocoLoco and Ping Mag‘s write ups – I love the textiles from Loughborough Uni too. There’s some good images on Vortex‘s post from where I also had to share the blog post title as it tickled the geek in me. Vortex visited the Ctrl Art Del show which was Bath Uni’s dedicated exhibition for the fair, which is an irresistable art-blog post title! The Ctrl Art Del set-up was good at creating an online profile for exhibitors, as I was generally surprised that relatively few of the artists had urls on the backs of their promo postcards – missing an opportunity there.

Good to wander through though, and I’ll be trying to see more next year.

Ulrika Bygge – Waiting Game – (Wallpaper) – London College of Communication


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