London Transport Museum Scavenger Hunt

I’ve just been having a look at the pictures from the London Transport Museum scavenger hunt, where I see that Annie Mole, some of the Londonist peeps as well as Qype and MOO have been having fun.  It looks to have been a cool event, with the teams setting off from the museum with a series of cryptic clues to solve, photograph and eventually blog, all good PR for the Museum and with an architectural theme linking back to the London Festival of Architecture (finishes today). 

You can take a look at all the pictures and vote until the 27th July, comparing the different team write ups and see who’s you like best. Although I love the picture below best from the day, I went with Annie and Team Bank overall, because apart from anything, I’d never know these things were happened without reading Going Underground!

I like the sound of this event because I do love London Transport, mad as that is! Having grown up in a village where eveyone had to drive, I still find the convenience and volume of transport available amazing – even on the Central line in July at 8.30am with a hangover, I’m still impressed. And I’m always pleased to see my nightbus turn up so I can get a front top seat for a bit of quality staring-out-the-window time with my ipod!


Great picture of Covent Garden from Version 3.1, check out more of her stuff here.


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