MOO and showing off and Thailand!

Ooh, had a lovely and busy week at the T3 and MOO parties, and showing off about Shiny Red blog a bit. Shiny Red is where I wrote my very first post and learned to become a full on geek, I’m really proud of the blog, so it’s cool to see that it’s doing well. I also have to credit @lewiswebb for coming up with the funniest picture choice to accompany the post.

I also got my MOO cards this week which are making me very happy – I’ll maybe bother to put a pic up soon, it’s what you’re supposed to do I think, and then you’re properly in the club. The MOO party was good fun, getting to meet some more twitter people in the real world and chatting to Random Acts of Reality – don’t ask to see his cards if you’re squeamish!

Anyway, I’m flying off to Bangkok in a few hours, very excited for my hols!

thai dancer girl


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