Climate Camp 08

I’ve just been chatting to a friend who’d got back from this year’s Climate Camp in Kingsnorth, Kent where they were protesting about the planned coal power plant.

There’s lots of good reasons for the protest which they’ve topline listed here, and I’ll admit to not being well enough informed on this to discuss the specific case. But I do like the passion, the right to protest being exercised and the fact that it gets people talking. Hearing from my friend, and reading on sites like Indy Media it’s cool to get an alternative view of these sorts of events.

Although there’s fair coverage on traditional news sites like the BBC and New Statesman, it’s interesting to read the reports and angles elsewhere like ‘How the police radicalised a generation’, or match my friend’s accounts of raids and the way the helicopter was used to keep people awake at night with Indy Media accounts of Psy Ops’ and terrorising. Also, how depressing to hover a fuel-guzzling helicopter over a climate protest!

It’s a reminder about the impact the web can have, bringing widespread access to personal and non-mainstream experiences of events beyond traditional sources – check out the wealth of YouTube videos for starters! I happened to have attending friends to fill me in on the events – and the fantastic community and positivity behind the scences – but anyone can access this to some degree thanks to the web with a bit of digging.


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