Thailand – Fresh Asian Baked

Thought I’d write about Thailand as everyone’s a bit China focussed. Just went there on my hols the other week, and it was ace, did Bangkok, treehouses in rainforests, rafthouses, elephant rides, tuk tuks, watched monkeys eat lychees – all the stuff you’re supposed to do. A few random finds below….

Condoms & Cabbages

Bizzarre but brilliant safe-sex themed restaurant, as recomended by our straightlaced, middle-aged tour guide Nancy! Great food, and everything from lampshades to Captain Condom’s (a mannequinned superhero) outfit made out of condoms and contraceptive pill-packs. All the good work of Thailand’s former senator Mechai Viravaidya, who believes “birth control should be as cheap as vegetables” – genius!

Fresh Asian Baked

Yay! Foreign pop videos rule! I was delighted to see that Ken from F4 still has a career – F4 were our fave popband when I lived in China. The below was my favourite from Fresh Asian Baked hour on the music channels:

Bangkok Post

I really enjoyed reading this in the Bangkok hotel, it’s cool to read something focussed on the other side of the world than you’re used to. In fact the almost total lack of Euro-news made me realise how lucky and settled we are in the UK, our national dramas are non-existent compared with most countries that warrant the world stage – ooh we don’t like Gordon Brown!

Air Asia girls

Lots of fun things happened on the flights, including ‘sorry we don’t think the brakes are working’ from the pilot – always glad to hear that! And the random upgrade to business class pretty much made my holiday. But the best bit was the extrememly hot Air Asia stewardesses on our internal flight, it’s like the glam Thai version of EasyJet. I have never seen so many peole watch the safety demo – in fact, I’ve never seen anyone watch it! They were gorgeous and well marketed – you can download their calendar here. I’m also pleased to say, and incase you were wondering, yes someone has taken the time to compile the World Top Ten Hot Stewardesses – phew glad that’s been taken care of.

So some cultural delights of Thailand there, in amongst definitely one of the best tourist experiences I’ve ever had.


One thought on “Thailand – Fresh Asian Baked

  1. Freshly baked asian and pretty thai boy bands -nothing makes me happier in life , proper top ganesh!
    just explained about cabbages and condoms to emily she seemed a bit confused, i think its a see it to believe it sort of thing, i just read through all our posts like the lovely sister i am xxx

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