Shoreditch Twit

Had fun at @LewisWebb‘s Shoreditch Twit last night with @robingrant, @darika, @deliciousmedia, @laurajohnson, @sandrine and @garyandrews. It was a good night, braving the icy August weather in the Light Bar for hot Brazilian girls and even some qikking of innocent boys. There seem to be a few Tweetup’s at the moment which is good, because at least it means it’s not so embaressing to say ‘Do I know you from Twitter?’. I’m looking forward to Ben Matthews, Tom Malcolm and Tim Hoang’s (where’s your blog Tim? Stop slacking) Harvest Twestival, which promises karaoke, charity and the Twitter boyband! Very exciting!

Also I have to mention the Save the Light Bar campaign, and not just because it’s uber-stumble home convenient for me! I thought it was being demolished for Olympic train line malarkey, but apparently it’s for a tower block which is a horrible idea, I’ve heard grumbles from fellow Shoreditch residents since I moved there about how the city is eating into Shoreditch and Brick Lane, see the likes of The Onion Field, one among many to address this. It’s such a great area, the city needs to be held at bay!

Anyway, check out Lewis’ blog for news about the next Twit.


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