I miss the Olympics already

I didn’t know I’d love the Olympics so much, I miss them already! I had an early soft spot for Beijing 2008 having lived and worked in China before, but I never thought they’d be this good, or that I would actually watch the sport! I know they’re run through with controversy but they were also a joy. So many great moments and stories – the opening ceremony, the cycling, Rebecca Adlington, Michael Phelps, Isinbayeva’s record breaker, Usain Bolt, even Boris and ‘ping pong’s coming home’.  A few things I’ve loved below… 

Discovering the back of the newspaper
For the first time I’ve discovered the back of the newspaper! And even the whole sport section, which I normally chuck immediately – Barney Ronay in the Guardian is my new favourite. Years of football obsessed boyfriends had me thinking that all sport was an overpaid, prima-donna brandfest. But I’ve had an endless appetite for Beijing reporting, it’s been a revelation. (Simon Barnes is very funny about readers of sports pages here, he must know they get lots of Olympic-tourists).

British Gold in Olympic Perving
How sexy are athletes! With all their willpower, dedication and sportsmanship (and muscles and lycra). The national sport in the UK this fortnight was Olympian perving. I’m in love with the rowers and cyclists, but most people have an unashamed Olympic crush. A friend has added ‘Any Olympian’ to her Celebrity Pass List – that list of people she’s allowed to sleep with and her boyfriend can’t count it as cheating. That’s just smart maths apart from anything! I’ve heard people plotting to volunteer at 2012 in order to get closer to them, as well as the widely discussed need to lobby for a behind-the-podium camera for better bum shots! Petition for Seb Coe?…Ok I know this verges on sleazy now, but it’s just genuine admiration for people in peak condition!

Watching with billions
There’s so little communal TV watching anymore – let alone global, that it’s a weird but exciting feeling to know you’re watching with billions. I never watch TV, so this has reawakened me to what a great medium it can be – it’s even better than X-Factor guys!

Lots more good and bad – the bitching about girl gymnasts’ ages topped Mean Girls, Usain Bolt’s specially made gold Puma’s – how annoyed are Nike and adidas? The all China- women’s badminton finals, that misjudged Spanish advert, Phelps 4,000 calorie breakfast, the Chinese ‘switcheroo’ for a more aesthetically pleasing little girl to mime the anthem… I don’t know what I’m going to do without the daily drama!


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