Breast milk ice cream!

Weird story of the week surely – PETA urges Ben & Jerry’s to use human breast milk in ice cream.

I’m not sure if this is like the eating out of bins thing? Should we find this weird or not? I grew up in a breastfeeding family and intend to do so when I’m a mum, and although I’m not a vegetarian I try to/would like to eat more ethically. But this sounds strange doesn’t it? Apparently inspired by a Swiss restaurant who have it on their menu – their top breast milk recipe tip: ‘mix with whipped cream to keep the consistency’, and it’s £3 per 14oz donation if you were wondering.

Maybe PETA are just running out of publicity stunts, proper wierd story though, which also led to me finding this ‘rent free room with breast milk’ Craigslist. Ah, the internet is SCARY!


8 thoughts on “Breast milk ice cream!

  1. Did you see the episode of the F Word where Alex James made Gordon Ramsay a coffee using breast milk? Very odd. Apparently the Blur bassist has break milk in his tea and coffee!

  2. Glad you agree Gill, it just is odd. They get it from donating women – £3 a go. Crazy!

    Hey Gary, I do vaguely remember that F Word now you say that – I didn’t reaise Alex lived off breast milk regularly – how does that even work?! Is that what rock stars do these days?

  3. I think I’m going to market breast milk to supermarkets, it’ll have the tagline: “Breast is best, better than all udders!”

    Now beat that!

    Seriously though, eugh!

  4. Haha, you’re wasted in PR Dom – you should be a marketing boy, sat in a room making up slogans and jingles. Ben & Jerry’s are gonna snap you up!

  5. Breast milk is the best milk better than all the udders….as a nurse always on the look out for humerous bylines in my breast feeding newsletter this is a Godsend…thanks Dom

  6. No probs Fran, you can send my royalty cheque to my Swiss bank account.

    Ring me on 07515 921342 for further details.

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