“Rim lit at golden hour”

That’s the best bit of film crew terminology I learnt from the Contrapositive boys yesterday voxpopping people on Southbank for work. Rim lit means being lit from behind – like this tiger, and the golden hour is the special soft light you get at sunset as described here. Obviously I just liked it because it sounded so rude!

We had a great day though and I was impressed by how friendly, fun and welcoming people were – so keen to get involved. Obviously a bit knackering for a normally desk-bound girl, and by the end of the day I didn’t want to be a TV presenter anymore – what a loss to broadcasting! Lots of fun though, especially when the cool charity event, the Gorilla Run went past. As covered by lots of sites, including Monkeys In The News – one of the best blog names I’ve seen for a while!


2 thoughts on ““Rim lit at golden hour”

  1. Haha, no, I was a wannabe one. Just asking the questions for the voxpoppees – don’t think I’ll make the final cut – boo!

    I know you loved my excellent previous video work – such a shame that got taken down, not at all horrendously embarrassing!

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