The HP Dragon bloggers

This is a slick case study in smart blogger engagement by HP in which every result is impressive and worth celebrating. But what’s really exciting in terms of how social media activity is measured, is the astonishing sales ROI delivered through the power of online conversations – an 85% sales increase from a nine month old release!

The campaign, 31 Days of the Dragon, involved identifying and contacting 31 relevant tech bloggers, and giving each one a Dragon laptop to give away – creating a month of contests. Importantly HP let the bloggers devise the competitions on their own terms to suit their own audiences, and the results were amazing:

Search – The first five pages of Google for HP & HP Dragon were blog posts

Links – 380,000 links to the 31 sites discussing the contest

Entries – 25,000 contest entries and an average 150% traffic increase

Sales – 85% increase in sales

This happened because HP gave the bloggers took ownership and not only ran competitions, but posted Dragon reviews unprompted in copy and video, linked to one-another’s reviews and posted multiple times. HP, by identifying the right bloggers, involving them, providing content and product to share and letting them do it on their own terms, created an army of credible evangelists speaking directly to their target customer base.

Marketing Pilgrim covering the activity quote Scott Ballantyne, VP & GM of the personal systems group at HP:

“The technology keeps changing and people keep chasing the next social technology. The key is to remember that social media is about people talking and interacting with people. Technology can help with distribution. But people need to remain at the center.โ€

This campaign was successful because the conversation was kept real and simple, and because the bloggers were shown HP valued and trusted them by being given product, not as a bribe to post, but to share with their audience. It’s success can be measured in the online credibility and noise generated, as well as in the hard sales stats. ย 

First posted on Shiny Red.


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