Jazamatazz the cocktail

Kudos to Rax, Splendid and the Smirnoff team this week for their excellent efforts to make sure the London Blogger Meet Up had fun at the swanky Diageo HQ. The Blogger Meet Ups are great, very social, very relaxed, events headed up by lovely Andy, allowing London bloggers across any sector to come together.

This month had a sponsor, Smirnoff, who wowed Annie, Lewis, Cedric, Chris, Mel, Hayley and the also lovely Gary amongst others by delivering a cocktail personalised to each blogger! Real attention to detail, researching likes and dislikes from each attendees posts and creating a tailored cocktail just for them. If social media PR is all about relationships, then this is a bit of an over-keen date! But in a good way, like someone booking tickets to your favourite gig or something. Anyway, mountains of goodwill generated by this, because there was no doubting that time had been taken, and value placed on the individuality and personality of each blogger. Essentially this was good, quality ‘content’, which couldn’t be faked, and involved time and care. Definitely raised the bar for brand invovlement in this event.

My cocktail below which was very nice, though in my mind, me as a cocktail does have more champagne in it!

Event pictures here from Peter.


4 thoughts on “Jazamatazz the cocktail

  1. I know! I do love elderflower though – with gin normally though – shh!

    Your noodles were the best though.

  2. Hi! It was such fun meeting you at the Meet-up last week. (I’m JUST getting around to check out everyone’s blog…) Hope to see you at the next one!

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