Women Against Sarah Palin – The blog

I was just reading about the Sarah Palin blogs on Blog Herald, and the impressive buzz she’s been generating. There’s no doubt she’s caught people’s attention – she is a bit terrifying if nothing else! Now this is not my political post, although I’ve been devouring coverage and fascinated watching this online election. But it’s amazing to see the top ten exclusively-Sarah-Palin blogs that already exist – I can’t imagine that for Peter Mandelson somehow! 

Of the Sarah Palin Top Ten, I liked this one, although it’s a bit un-feminist, just because how the numbers spoke for themselves, and the power of the blogosphere. Blog Herald called out their description too:

Women Against Sarah Palin
“On Wednesday, September 3, we sent out an email to 40 friends and colleagues asking them to respond to Sarah Palin’s candidacy as Vice President of the United States. They forwarded the letter to their friends across America. To date, we have received more than 170,000 responses from women of all ages and backgrounds. Below are their voices.”

That’s a great self-description of a blog that has both a weight of emotion and numbers behind it. The American’s do their politics differently to us, but whatever the cause it’s great to see online, and even good old email being a way for people’s voices to come together.


3 thoughts on “Women Against Sarah Palin – The blog

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  2. The woman is completely and utterly unqualified to be the vice president or president of the United States should McCain have to leave office for whatever reason. Hey, she may even cost him the election (thank gawd).

    /end Mel’s politcal rant.

  3. Woo! Cool to hear you rant Mel. Feel unqualified to judge properly, but I tend to agree with you. Fingers crossed it goes the way you said…

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