My favourite sushi place

I think it’s fair to say I’m obsessed with sushi. I think about it when I’m not hungry at weird times of the day, and then it’s like ‘damn, I thought about sushi, now that’s going to distract me’. Like thinking about a boy you’re supposed to be forgetting and not texting for the required three days or some such rules nonsense.

Anyway, my favourite sushi place thanks to location, opening hours, service and quality is Habibi Sushi on Artillery Passage which is part of my walk home and one of may favourite streets, complete with the aforementioned Jack the Ripper Banksy. The sushi’s great – especially the sashimi which is my favourite. They give free miso soup, open past nine, and also tut at me a bit for getting there so late which I kind of like. It’s already had some love online at, amongst others, Qype, and from Andy who I see attends the London Blogger Meets but I don’t think I’ve met!

So this post is nothing more than some love for my local. Except my local’s a sushi restaurant in Shoreditch – haha, Nathan Barley O’Clock.

Silly sushi picture…


3 thoughts on “My favourite sushi place

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