Still waiting for the breathaliser phone

I’m still waiting for the breathaliser phone, but this is a good start from Google – Mail Goggles. Which once enabled forces you to do timed maths before you can send an email, thus tripping up Friday night ill-advised emailing. This would absolutely stop me, even without the drink the maths would take me ages! 

Realistically there are flaws in the system, not least the a ton of other instant ways you can get on touch with people if you really decide you need to after a few g&ts. Still good old Google for creating something relevant to people’s real web use – and making us laugh.

Oh well, I’m getting an iphone soon, maybe they’ll invent an app or something.


2 thoughts on “Still waiting for the breathaliser phone

  1. This is a good idea, but I feel sorry for people being stalked by genius mathematicians. It’ll take a LOT of alcohol and MUCH harder sums to break their maths powers.

  2. Haha! This is true. Another flaw for Google to work on.

    Drunk genius mathematicians sound scary anyway

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