Bloc Party @ the iTunes store

Went to see the amazing Bloc Party at the very cool iTunes store last night on Regent Street with a friend, which should have equalled fun. But unfortunately it was a bit of an odd gig, the combination of the clinical surroundings, bad sound, and where we were stood anyway, the crowd really not getting into it, no singing, no dancing and even just chatting. Boo! They have rules about not chatting at the Luminaire you know!

Kele has the kind of voice, and the music is so identifiably theirs and gorgeous, that the moments of brilliance were still there, but it was a bit odd. I felt sorry for all the people who queued up for hours outside too and then didn’t get in. They were still stood downstairs pressing their faces on the glass in desire to be inside! I love proper fans, like the kids who camp outside the Astoria in the week.

Anyway, what do I know! I’m so behind I only just got the new Intimacy album, and unlike the critics I loved Weekend in The City. Can’t complain at any chance to see them, it was a good night, but a bit lacking in atmosphere – Bloc Party normally give you goosebumps from start to finish!

(Pic not from last night obv)

Also, total tangent, but whilst digging on the Luminaire site they have an SAQ as well as a FAQ, and then link to this ‘Quirky Japan SAQ’ page which entertained me. Good randomness.


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