Three for three

This is my first meme! I’m glad it’s a fun one. From Jed to Ben, to Mel and now mine below…

Favourite non-work websites
I actually think this is tricky as some of my favourite websites are work related (geek!)…anyway:

  • Gawker – Fabulously bitchy New York celeb/society blog from the man who helped define the blogosphere backstab, Brit, Nick Denton.  For their categories alone I love it – eg: “Awww”, “We hate your kids”, “The Gays”, “Things We Actually Like”. Nothing is sacred – hurrah!
  • My Chemical Toilet – My friend Stu’s music blog, never fails to make me lol – one of the very few non-work blogs I follow. Get him to send you emails, they’re really funny too.
  • YouTube – Obvious, but there are such pop gems on there like Whitney at the Grammys and live Pulp at Glastonbury 1995 doing Pink Glove. It’s still a favourite place to get lost for hours.


  • The Cuke – Not sure if I’ve had this exact one, but gin and cucumber deliciousness.
  • Elderflower Martini – mmm… as tasted first at the amazing Lounge Bohemia.
  • Screaming Orgasm – Actually think this is disgusting now, but it was a favourite at uni and so sprang to mind (you get some interesting video results if you search for this I notice)

Karaoke Songs
I don’t actually do karaoke – I’m nearly incapable of singing – zero range. But if I could, I’d go for:

  • Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart
  • Pulp – Babies
  • Bryan Adams – Summer of 69

Ooh, that was fun. I nominate Charles, Chris and Gemma.


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