Shoreditch Twitterati

I went to Lewis Webb‘s Shoreditch Twit last night, you may recognise him from PR Week, and got to hang out with lots of my favourite people. The table football was sponsored by community review site Tipped, represented by beard-free Joel and the always-charming Charles, and the Twestival boys Tom and Tim and poorly Ben were there. Also got to meet the famous Krista, of Londonelicious, who has posted about attending, pointing out she was one of the only bloggers there, otherwise represented Stu and Chris. Also got to chat to Alice from Vice – which is the only company email that doesnt go in my junkmail, I am a super fan. Very exciting.

I was also pleased to drag out Jamie from the excellent Student Room and see Mel, Gerel, Sandrine and Gary.  Nothing huge to conclude from the evening, just nice seeing people. Lewis’ limited organising works well – though he only just got away with a football bar on England match night!


6 thoughts on “Shoreditch Twitterati

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  2. Thanks for the link! I guess I meant that it seemed like everyone worked in social media/pr for their day job but me. i’m just a blogger who likes twitter!

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