Amazing art on Manette Street

I was pleased to be reminded by Mel’s Online Fire blog to post about this. It’s some really cool street art papered all over Foyles on Manette Street, Soho. This is just by my office and I stopped and stared the first time I saw it the other week. Giant faces and figures cover the whole street, windows, doors and all. The faces are striking and according to the excellent Urban 75, are photos of women from Morro da Providencia, Rio de Janeiro, “for whom crime, violent loss of loved ones and arbitrary repression are part of everyday life. 


The work is by street artist JR and similar to his amazing favela project below. More cool pictures on Super Touch Art, along with details of JR’s current show “28 Millimeters women” at the Lazarides Gallery Greek Street, Soho. Lucky us getting a bit of him in London I reckon!



8 thoughts on “Amazing art on Manette Street

  1. Oh wow, that was so cool, I loved that too. There’s something so impressive about it being massive!

    Thanks M@

  2. It’s ace isnt it, lucky us definitely, well worth a walk past.

    Big love to all the team obv Mel 🙂

  3. Let me know if you’re around on Friday after work and I’ll come pick you up and take a stroll through together.

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