Digital Dining @ Inamo on Wardour Street

I was lucky enough to be taken to an uber geeky restaurant last week, especially chosen for the attendees because of it’s geek-credentials! Inamo on Wardour St, Soho has gorgeous Asian fusion food and interactive touchscreen tables, meaning you can flick through the menu, view images, order, and then play games and change the table design and colour while you wait for your food. Like a grown-up version of those table mats you used to draw on with the free crayons!

Considering it’s really a restaurant that shows you pictures of the food which is normally a very bad sign, it’s a cool gimmick and actually very effective. You can also view a live webcam of the kitchen – I wonder how many restaurants would be up for offering that?

It satisfied the touchscreen-happy iPhone user in me at the moment and allowed me to really geek out by posting my first twit-pic – see below. The food is also gorgeous, especially the pomegranate duck, sea bass with truffle sauce and the pink fizzy sake. As is the design, with the over-table projectors turned into a feature and the lighting got just right – Contemporist have some great pictures of the interior.

Looking around, it’s had some love online, I agree with Faris that it’s a good place to take a geek on a date, and by the looks of their write-ups Hazel and Susi havent been yet – so I feel a trip is called for people!

By the way if you want proper geekery – this should do it from Inamo’s table programmers.


6 thoughts on “Digital Dining @ Inamo on Wardour Street

  1. Reminds me of Revolution in Vegas where you can draw on the tables.

    Mel – why not both? Though perhaps save this one until after Christmas when we have some money again?!

  2. It is just like a grown up version of being allowed to draw on the tables!

    Rax that is a very geeky joke – I love it!

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