Sarah Palin pinata @ the Tipped Chilli Cook off

Well I missed the actual chilli at the Tipped Chilli Cook off yesterday unfortunately, but I did make it in time to watch Joel destroy the Sarah Palin pinata! Quite a sight, seeing a yard full of people tequila-toasting Tipped, chilli, and Joel as he took to Palin with a baseball bat. One of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time, Sarah eventually made it onto the BBQ where she was formally sacrificed to tequila fuelled flames to another cheer.

The was the first, of a sure-to-be repeated event, pitching ten chilli-chef teams against one another in a blind taste test. I bumped into Chris who had been competing and was in time to see Helen win the top prize. It was held at the super-cool Mucky Pup pub which I’d not been to before and is well worth a visit in itself, I can see why it’s got such loving reviews.

Good times had by all, and even had my first tequila in ten years and survived – especially considering it was about 4pm, I’m awarding myself some kudos for that.

Big thanks to lovely Charles & co.

More pics here.


11 thoughts on “Sarah Palin pinata @ the Tipped Chilli Cook off

  1. Thanks for coming and for the great post Jaz. That was pretty serious London mischief I’d say. I wonder if anyone got a photo of the moment of impact.

  2. I know, there must be one, I was looking for a BBQ’d Palin shot too.

    Had a great afternoon, glad I made it out to play!

  3. Haha, how great are those videos! Nice work, a bit of Palin + tequila did send us all a bit mob-ish on a Saturday afternoon – awesomeness as you’d say!

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