Homer votes Obama & attempts Don Draper

The Simpsons is 20! Amazing huh? So it’s not surprising that it isn’t quite the must-see TV it used to be, but I’m pleased to hear it’s still making political bites. In their latest Halloween episode Homer gets into a fight with a rigged voting machine which keeps registering his Obama selection as a vote for McCain. Homer votes Obama, yay!

The Simpsons may not be quite what it was but it’s so familiar it’s still a treat to see their parodies, and the promised one of Mad Men in  the same episode is one I’m looking forward to. Mad Men is a gorgeous 1960s Madison Avenue drama series, which watches the messy lives of advertising supremo Don Draper and his colleagues as the social changes of the decade erupt around them. The whole show looks fabulous, and they even talk about marketing sometimes – woo! Jaw-dropping sexism and non-stop-smoking aside, it would be lovely if work was this glam sometimes!

Despite, a leaning to Nixon in the Kennedy election episode, I think Don Draper would vote Obama too – if only because he’d love Barack’s slick branding and mass-media savvy, if not his liberal 2008 politics!


Thanks Anjali for drawing my attention. And check out Don on Twitter, whoever’s doing this is doing it well!


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