Brockham Bonfire

This is a self-indulgent post about Brockham, the village I grew up in, as this weekend I went to my 24th Brockham Bonfire which is an important part of my annual timetable. It’s always a big family do, and the night is really traditional complete with closed roads, a ye olde days dressed torchlight procession, a red devil to climb the bonfire and position the Guy – oh and lots of chavs getting drunk obviously! There’s also morris dancing the next day – it’s like all the tradition Britain has squeezed into one night! 

Growing up in a small village it’s always been a big deal as in the preceding months the village helps build the bonfire, but it’s also one of the largest in the UK, and towers over the picturesque village green, complete with a 40k firework display! Despite the wettest weather I can remember it was another great year. Having a quick look around, I’m impressed at how online my village is, and the amount of blog/flickr coverage there is for the bonfire  – maybe we’re getting more like the US with the numbers of personal blogs? Anyway, a few pics below – from previous years – if you’re ever in the area it’s well worth a visit.


Images courtesy of Ting a Ling


6 thoughts on “Brockham Bonfire

  1. Great to hear someone else enjoyed the Brockham bonfire. Although we were behind the tents we had a great view of the fireworks and had room to move!

    It was a great night, but apparently numbers were down on previous years, presumaby due to the bad weather.

  2. Hey Poppy

    Added now, sorry, this was in my early blogging days, before I knew about such things 🙂

    Great pics

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