Cool Toshiba timesculpture

Ooh,  this advert just made me look up from my laptop, and head to YouTube for a second dose. The music caught my attention – a remix of Air War by the excellent Crystal Castles, who’s Alice Glass recently topped the NME cool list (cool girls are so much cooler than cool boys). Anyway, the visuals kept me watching, it’s apprently the first ever ‘timesculpture’ advert –  think Keanu and the bullets Matrix-style. Made by Grey London‘s for Toshiba, it’s pretty gorgeous and the music is spot on:

It’s an overlooked benefit of the advertising industry-destroying web era we’re now in, that if you make something good enough, your consumer will hunt out your advertising, watch it again and again and share it. Like I’ve just done.

Another nice brand message with this, is that it was shot using 200 Toshiba camcorders on a circular rig. There’s the now all-important making of video here, if you want to geek out and see how they did it.


3 thoughts on “Cool Toshiba timesculpture

  1. Very good, but would it make you go and buy toshiba over any other brand? Probably not, though I guess if you were dithering over two brands the name awareness that comes from virals might give you reassurance that will tip the balance.

  2. It might do, because I actually think stuff like this when I’m at the shops, because I’m a marketing geek! But I agree David, it’s much more about brand awareness and talkability than a purchase call to action.

    Thanks for the comment!

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