What inspires me to blog

Lovely Ben tagged me in a meme about what inspires your blog posts, that lots of people like Wadds, Drew, Ged and Matthew have already responded to. Top things would be the below:

  • Gigs and events – Probably my top inspiration, I find it easiest to write about things I’ve experienced, like Sarah Palin pinatas
  • My Google reader  – Other people’s blogs, news from nationals and trades, ramblings, trends, design, music and art sites
  • Twitter – All the funny, clever people mentioning random things, or responding to my chat
  • London – There’s so much cool stuff going on in this city!
  • My colleagues – The things we spot and chat about online
  • The pub
  • Facebook – Quite of often I see friends events and groups on there which are worth investigating
  • Randomness online – Like this barbie leg mohican that I found the other day. Wasn’t sure how I was going to get this on the blog – perfect excuse! (Credit Ruby Blues)

I read Ben’s post a bit quickly the other day and misunderstood, so I’ve also been thinking more about the broader themes of why I continue to be motivated to blog…

  • The chance to write – When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist, happily and intentionally I ended up as a PR, but I value the chance to write
  • It’s good for me – personally – It’s quite theraputic to focus and write in this way, I’ve made lots of friends through it, and had the chance to connect with people like Mario at Someone Once Told Me, to start writing at Londonist and be part of The London Blogger Meet Ups
  • Being famous on the internet
  • It’s good for me – professionally – Both in terms of my profile at this early stage in my career, and in terms of the fact that my job as an online PR is to connect with people, and it’s a whole lot easier to do that if I’m putting myself out there. It makes me a more credible part of the conversation and I’ve learnt a ton about how to approach people by considering my thought processes when posting. I’ve said before that I think it’s a massive bonus we have compared to PR’s operating in other sectors, that I have the opportunity to participate in this way

Good question, I tag the famous Mel Seasons, the slightly-more famous than me Lewis Webb, and Chris Applegate of Neo-Nazi LOLcat fame.


3 thoughts on “What inspires me to blog

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