Interview: Someone Once Told Me’s Mario Cacciottolo (Londonist)

Photo site Someone Once Told Me, the brainchild of journalist Mario Cacciottolo, has been catching the attention of many a curious Londoner as well as web-savvy folks and photography fans from around the world. The Guardian, described it as:

“Whether it was a text message from a mate or words of wisdom from a grandparent. The result is a twisted, modern British version of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues video and throws up lots of intriguing images, stories and sayings”

Sounds worth investigating, so Mario gave Londonist the lowdown on what he’s up to.

So what’s Someone Once Told Me about then?
Someone Once Told Me (SOTM) is a photography website. People are photographed in black and white with a sketchbook, on which they’ve written something they’ve been told, texted, emailed – any type of message passed on to them by family, friends or strangers. It’s a kind of ‘photography meets storytelling’ affair. There’s a new image up every day, and there’s about 450 in the gallery.

Why did you start it?
I had come to London with nothing, to change my life and career, and had succeeded much quicker than I ever imagined. Once the euphoria died down, I realised I was bored. Plus I had never taken photographs before and was pretty useless at it, so I wanted something to make me practice. And I’m fascinated by people’s stories, their pasts, the moments and quirks in their lives that mean something to them. SOTM is a snapshot of a memorable moment in someone’s life, and that’s always fascinating in one way or another.

Check out the rest of the interview on Londonist

My SOTM is below. I was feeling kind of homesick that day, and this is what my Mum always says to me. As in, ‘go off and have your adventures and you can always come home’. I am a home girl!



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