Obama = Time Person of The Year 2008 AND has the best artwork

This is old news from last week now, but I only just spotted it. Obama is TIME’s Person of the Year 2008. Obvious, but yay! Having seen the now-iconic 2007 ‘You‘ wheeled out in many a PR presentation in the last few years, followed by Putin in 2007..er… It’s exciting to see Barack on the cover.

The artwork is familiar to many of us now from the campaign’s ‘Hope‘ poster by street artist Shephard Fairey, who updated his original election design or TIME. But Fairey, an Obama supporter, wrangled over whether to withdraw the piece, following Obama’s political involvement with Rick Warren who is anti-gay marriage and anti-reproductive rights. As the Obamarama honeymoon ends, Fairey concludes:  

“I’m sure I will ultimately disagree with Obama about many things, but I think I will agree with him on more. I think it is important to speak one’s mind, but also to not let the narcissism of petty differences sabotage our unity and progress.”

I think part of the reason I like this image so much is that it’s similar to 2006 Turner Prize nominated Mark Titchners work which we’ve all seen on the tube , the “If you don’t like your life you can change it” posters – good rat race mantra. Something from the same series below. 


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