Eat your dinner off’ve Barack Obama

You can now own your own Obama Victory Plate! Check out the fantastically all-American advert below with a genius voiceover – “his confident smile and kind eyes are an inspiration to us all”– er ok, not his brain then! Aside from the fact we just don’t make adverts like this over here, the maddest thing is celebrating politicians – anyone fancy a Blair 1997 or a Gordon Brown Fiscal Stimulus version?

Hurry, there’s a strict limit of two per caller – the old people in the video must have brought theirs round to eat on, so they could have their Obama dinner party.


8 thoughts on “Eat your dinner off’ve Barack Obama

  1. Americans are so tacky I’ll fully admit, but you gotta love us, we do have our good qualities too.

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  3. Ah indeed whatchamacalit – the enthusiasm you have for your politicians is just alien to us! It’s all good!

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