No-one reads grafitti

I actually totally disagree with this, I love grafitti and often stop to read it, or find myself distracted in loos by the gems on the cubicle walls. Is that weird? If people want to say something enough to write it, in amongst loads of crap, there’s often an entertaining read – like the internet I suppose! I think lots of people are made smile by clever, or just gorgeous bits of grafitti.

My friend Jess & I saw ‘OH SHIT! LONDON’ written on a club toilet wall during a little era of mischief, followed by the ever-fabulous Smiths ‘here is London ‘home of the brash, outrageous and free’, in Camden a few weeks later. Both of which became our London mantras for a good while.

Anyway, this is today’s London Lexicon on Londonist, which made me smile. As photographed by Adrian Cooper.

Also on Londonist today, the ’28 days later’ style pics of a deserted Christmas London are cool too – like Trafalgar Square below. The pictures are by Ian  – worth a flick through, bet it was lovely.

Trafalgar Square by IanVisits.


4 thoughts on “No-one reads grafitti

  1. I went to University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania almost 30 years ago and I often enjoyed the amazing art work that was painted around the city better known as graffiti. I think I agree with you.

  2. Glad you agree, I see new bits of grafitti all the time that I love. I’m glad it’s better appreciated than ever.

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