Generous brands – Converse microsites

Just saw these Converse microsites for the first time although they launched last summer, they’re 20 connected URLs of alternative content varying from single word answers to animation, video series and more. Not sure how well they’ve done, some ad blogs were unsure and there are obvious SEO drawbacks, but I like them, a few examples below:

I’m a fan of anything that fits my short attention span, is content heavy and that you can get lost in – and I think Converse’s Gen Y target audience would forward these on to friends. They’re not perfect but it feels like you’re discovering them not having it pushed on you, Converse is being a generous brand a la Cadbury’s, it’s there to entertain not sell. Reiterating one of my fave themes – that if your advertising/content is good enough, people will spread it for you – case in point that I saw Tom’s tweet, blogged here and showed my 15 year old brother, he liked it, he already wears Converse, now he thinks they’re a tiny bit cooler.

Start here for a full browse – This is the index page


3 thoughts on “Generous brands – Converse microsites

  1. Hey Dirk, yeah I thought it was really interesting. Would like to know how they think it’s going – a cool tactic for them to try

  2. I don’t know why, but here in Sweden… everybody wears a pair of converse shoes. It’s everything from the classic ones to lupe fiasco-models. No matter if you’re a 6 year old girl or if you’re an old man… you’re supposed to wear converse. It’s just like that in Sweden. I own a pair of green converse, and that’s all I need at the moment. Without converse, there would be no me. Hahahah, take care!

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