Twestival Raises Over $250K and Counting

Amanda has put great posts on Mashable and Beth Kanter about Twestival,  like I said we learnt a lot, and raised a lot!

This is what the $250K looks like so far –

$83K in Uganda
33 projects, average cost $2,500
8,250 people served

$83K in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
15 projects, average cost $5,500
Average people served per project: 451
So, 6,700 people served

$83K in Orissa, India
Average cost per project, $12,000
7 water towers with piped water supply to individual households
297 served per project, so 2,079 served

Total: 55 water projects. 3 countries. Clean water for just over 17,000 people.

How amazing is that. Onwards and upwards. Carry on donating at Twestival.



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