Nathan Bowen & other new street art

Some very cool new street art on my walk to the tube station has been developing over the last few weeks, on Osborn Street at the top of Brick Lane. Called Sindustry, by Nathan Bowen. Featuring Roger Rabbit & Wolverine!

Nathan Bowen Sindustry
Nathan Bowen - Sindustry

Nathan Bowen - Sindustry
Nathan BowenNathan Bowen

And it seems to be inspiring the street, as there’s some other cool stuff popping up too…

Chicksand Street

Osborn Street

Osborn Street

12 thoughts on “Nathan Bowen & other new street art

  1. hi

    The drawing near hoborn are impressive! I really liked them. I am trying to convincce the company to sell them to me when the works are over. Do you do anything commercially?

  2. hi

    The drawing are impressive! I really liked them. I have a picture that I will you to make some changes for me. Do you do anything commercial?

  3. We are a music venue located in brighton who are starting a project that enables people in our community to have the opportunity to promote their own street art and graffiti art on our premises , we believe that up and coming street artists should be able to distribute their work freely to the public and have the chance to promote and showcase their talents, we are reaching out to get the involvment of some of the street/graffiti artists from the surrounding areas , one of the concepts would be for them to do a live wall piece fundraising event to support the brighton based Same Sky charity as we feel it is a perfect cause within the local community for what we stand for , we have been contacting some of the unknown and up and coming artists in the area to give them the opportunity showcase and promote their raw talents to the public , we have a vast amount of different wall spaces within our venue and surrounding it

    any interests feel free to contact me on

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  5. hey Nathan,

    please could you give me or Julie a call 020 7407 1002

    or email contact details, we are interested in your work and may have an interesting project for you

    many thanks in advance and yours in hope!

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  7. I randomly stumbled across this blog while research for a project at uni. I’m looking into my own culture and suppose to find ways to convey key aspects through textiles, after basing my research on Pop + Op art fashion of the 60’s I descided to use aspects of op art combined with urban contemporary graffiti to exploit the less pleasant aspects of the Uk, in particular -Scotland.
    I love your Nathan’s work and the intense use of line, I hope you don’t mind if I use an image or two for my research? Full credit to the artist of course.

    Thanks for helping my find something inspirational and useful,


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