The London Blogger Interviews #23: Shepherd’s Bush

The Shepherd’s Bush blog is a fantastic example of a local area site, run by an enthusiastic resident with genuine love for the area. The blog celebrates all that is great about the Bush, but has also grown to act as a serious and important news and views point for locals, on issues, campaigns and happenings that don’t make it onto a traditional news agenda.


If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it?
A thriving community based and owned source of news and views for Shepherds Bush residents

Why did you start blogging?
Because I was frustrated that there was no on or offline W12 based source of news that wasn’t either a couple of pages at the front of an Ealing paper (the next borough) or an advertiser led website with the odd out of date article. There was and is so much going on in W12, I honestly believe this is one of the most diverse and vibrant areas of London, and this just wasn’t reflected anywhere, meaning that many residents were really missing out on what was on their doorstep.

There are also of course lots of things wrong with the area and I suppose it’s a place for me and contributors to give a voice to how we feel about those. From time to time local political leaders respond to that on the blog too.

Read the rest on Londonist.


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