The London Blogger Interviews #27: Stitch & Bitch

The crafting scene in London is more vibrant than ever, with groups and projects popping up all over the city to cater to the crafters desire for fun events be they over cakes or cocktails. We caught up with one of the “feisty but friendly” Stitch & Bitch ladies to find out about what they’re up to.


If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it?
A radioactive woolly Godzilla of a blog crushing non-knitters while stitching and stomping across London.

Why did you start blogging?
Stitch and Bitch London had far too much to say about the yarn-covered underside of London. It had to get out there and roam free where fibre-lacking Londoner’s could see it.

What about London inspires your blog?
Everything about London inspires us. It’s crafty armies getting their knits out in public places, its caves of wool-selling wonder, its cafes of cake and crochet, its stories of stitchers through the ages, its occasional explosions of graffiti knitting in unexpected places.

Read the rest on Londonist.


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