The London Blogger Interviews #31: The London Dossier

This week’s blogger is Jean-Paul Séculaire who has been documenting London’s nightlife, cafes, record shops, bars and more since 2001, including a monthly calendar of club nights. His site, The London Dossier, is “an unapologetically personal guide to all that is cool in the UK’s capital city”, a great snapshot of London socialising and full of previews and tips.


Describe your blog in less than fifteen words
Hot tips from the hipster’s guide to London.

Why did you start blogging?
As an extension to my main London Dossier listings website. Adding a news blog seemed a simple and useful way to bring more information about special events to my readers.

What about London inspires your blog?
All the cool stuff going on. Especially in terms of nightlife, gigs and festivals covering vintage black music, cinema and modern art.

What are your top five London moments to date?
In chronological order I would probably say, my last Right On! club night – I’m still looking for the perfect new venue – any suggestions welcome! The first time I saw Prince Buster The King of Ska live in 2007 – Prince Buster has not been too well recently and we are all wishing him a return to good health. The first time I saw John Holt live in 2007, my 30th birthday bash Home Cookin’ extravaganza and the after party. Finally, my first time on stage at a burlesque show – Corsets & Courgettes at The London Burlesque Festival.

Read the rest on Londonist.


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