Tweetbike & new job

Just a quick post to say thanks to the lovely Paul Clarke for helping me arrive in style for my first day at my new job, escaping the tube strike on the back of his Tweetbike!

It was the first time I’ve been on a motorbike since I was a little kid being taken round the block by someone’s Dad, and I loved it. Felt really safe and free whizzing through London from Bethnal Green to Kings Cross (well, sort of whizzing – lots of traffic).

A real treat for me, I hope it was useful for Paul and his mystery project:

“Why on earth am I doing it? Because I like riding bikes, can work anywhere on the move (from the roadside if necessary), and I like people. And disruptions, like large snowfalls, are great times to look at things afresh. Oh, and you could call it research for an idea…” (more here)

A picture of Paul below outside my new office, where I’ve joined as Community Co-ordinator on The Guardian’s new Global Development site – very exciting!



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