2009 Twestival presentation

Just sharing this Twestival presentation on here which I did for a Media Trust “Twitter for Charities” event last year. It was an introduction to the idea of Twestival, how we fundraised, set the tone, spread the word etc. Mainly it demonstrates the same social media good practice that you read anywhere – keep it […]

The London Blogger Interviews #34 Gizmonaut

This week’s blog, Gizmonaut, reports on London’s policing and human rights, watching a variety of sources and cases, contributing to debate and openness on this issue in our capital. Describe your blog in less than 15 words Reporting about being calm, almost too calm, on human rights and policing issues, plus technology. Why did you […]

The London Blogger Interviews #32: Ghost Signs

Sam of Ghost Signs is this week’s blogger, whose fascination with the legacy of painted wall advertising has led him to document them as they come and go in London’s ever-changing environment. The blog has been mentioned as a favourite by many of our previous interviewees so we thought it was high time we found […]

The London Blogger Interviews #31: The London Dossier

This week’s blogger is Jean-Paul Séculaire who has been documenting London’s nightlife, cafes, record shops, bars and more since 2001, including a monthly calendar of club nights. His site, The London Dossier, is “an unapologetically personal guide to all that is cool in the UK’s capital city”, a great snapshot of London socialising and full […]

The London Blogger Interviews #30: Faded London

Many Londoner’s are fascinated with the city’s past and the glimpses of history on most streets. None more so than the brilliant Faded London, documenting “a city constantly re-inventing itself, but every now and then there’s a window on to the past..all worth recording before they are finally removed or hidden”. We’ve been wanting to […]

The London Blogger Interviews #29: Craft Guerilla

Another lovely London crafting blog this week – East London’s Craft Guerilla who are entertaining London with their ‘crafternoons’ as well as being featured in the awesomely named ‘Craftwerk 2.0’ exhibition in Sweden. If you had to describe your blog in less than 15 words how would you do it? Craft, community, place to share and […]