Bright One – Refugee Week

Following the Bright One first brithday party last week, celebrating a successful year at the not-for-profit communications agency, here’s the case study from the project I’ve volunteered on for Refugee Week: Bright One Case Study: Refugee Week 2009 The Bright One team I worked with – Luica Mak and Irina Stanescu were fantastic, as were […]

Londonist: The London Blogger Interviews #7: The London Blogger

Ah, interviewed the lovely Andy this week, and there’s a timely London Blogger Meet tomorrow. Yay! Londonist: The London Blogger Interviews #7: The London Blogger This week’s interviewee is Andy Bargery of London Bloggers, who’s London Blogger Meet Ups we often frequent. Many a connection has been made via these relaxed get-togethers which seek to […]

Twestival Raises Over $250K and Counting

Amanda has put great posts on Mashable and Beth Kanter about Twestival,  like I said we learnt a lot, and raised a lot! This is what the $250K looks like so far – $83K in Uganda 33 projects, average cost $2,500 8,250 people served $83K in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia 15 projects, average cost $5,500 Average […]

Things I learnt from Twestival

There’s a lot of posts maybe to be written about Twestival – including a big proper thank you post – but this is the first one that springs to mind… 1 in 6 people in the world don’t have clean drinking water – not trying to be all worthy at you in the first point, but […]

Busy with #Twestival – BRB

Just to say, being a busy girl with fabulous Twestival activity and Londonist blogger interviews, so going to be a little quiet on here for a few weeks I suspect. Both projects are really exciting, having kicked off a series of weekly interviews with London bloggers for Londonist – Annie Mole and The Blackheath Bugle so […]

Londonist – Review: London Bananas @ Austin Gallery

We first spotted this fruity obsession back in June, and we’re pleased to see it graduate to an exhibition of true London randomness, London Banana: A show of 1000 portraits of banana skins discarded in London’s urban environment. The project has documented nearly 2,000 lonely banana skins on our streets, making us feel much […]

No-one reads grafitti

I actually totally disagree with this, I love grafitti and often stop to read it, or find myself distracted in loos by the gems on the cubicle walls. Is that weird? If people want to say something enough to write it, in amongst loads of crap, there’s often an entertaining read – like the internet I suppose! I think lots […]

London Blogger Meet Ups 2008

While posting on the final London Blogger Meet Up for 2008 led by Rob McIntosh of Wine Conversation, I decided I needed an extra post on the year’s LBMs. They’ve been slickly organised by Andy Bargery, and changed massively throughout the year, I was impressed by this final installment so thought I’d post on them. The LBMs are […]

Interview: Someone Once Told Me’s Mario Cacciottolo (Londonist)

Photo site Someone Once Told Me, the brainchild of journalist Mario Cacciottolo, has been catching the attention of many a curious Londoner as well as web-savvy folks and photography fans from around the world. The Guardian, described it as: “Whether it was a text message from a mate or words of wisdom from a grandparent. […]